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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Really? A grocery store? Yep.

So, it's been a bit.  And I got married.  And I have a new job which is interim and I'm hoping will be permanent in a couple of months.  It's really hard and I work a lot and am tired a lot.

Also, We got our yard done and lots of work on the interior of the house.  Did I mention we got married?  Oh, and then there's that whole election bidness in a couple of days.  No on 8, k?

But, friends, I'm here for a short while today to speak about a grocery store.  Yes sir.  Yes ma'am.  All those other things, they take time and thought and care.  This is just about happy in the 'hood.

I'm not the first to notice.  Sandra Tsing Loh, who I would probably follow into the fiery pits of hell should she ask, noticed. Twice.

I don't know where Loh lives in the part of the Valley she refers to as "The Nuys" to give it new cache.  But I'm close to Fresh and Easy.  Remarkably close.

Today, my spouse slash wife (of two weeks) slash partner (of fourteen years) and I went there.  Oh it is a bright place.  With Jam.  And chips that taste like Doritos.  Except, and here is the clincher, they're SPINACH and ARTICHOKE kinda-Doritos.  Maybe I should have told you to sit down before I told you that.

It occupies a space that used to be a Ralphs.  Not a good Ralphs.  just a ralphs.  It's not any longer.  Soy milk.  Fresh fruit.  Teeny pies.

It may not be love, but color me intrigued.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

Fresh and Easy

It's a neighborhood market.  In my neighborhood.  My my.

Hugs and kisses and lots of foons,