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Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter to myself

It seems more blogcationy around here than not.  Yet, I think about it.  Waiting like the most patient dog in the world.  The most patient dog in the world, who would have long-ago starved to death from inactivity.

Today I received a letter from myself in the mail.  I wrote the letter in August at a two-week intensive professional development thing I did.  The thing was amazing.  The letter came at a good moment.

It's been hard, the new job.  Some days harder than others, but most hard.  There was one where I came home and was able to say it had been a good day.  That's one day out of lots.

It's not all bad, of course, just hard.  And lonely, as I knew it would be.  So, I try to take the moments.

The student who told me that she liked my pants today.  

The actual dogs, who do get fed.

Honey, whose birthday is tomorrow.

And, today, the letter.  The last line of which I said (to myself, remember), "Take care of yourself and ride your bike more often, without guilt and with joy."

I haven't done that, of course, but I like that I told myself to.