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Friday, September 01, 2006


Honey doesn't like secrets. At all. She's good about keeping them from me. In fact, it's a little disturbing how good she is at lying. She never lies for bad reasons. It's always because she's gotten something fabulous for me for a gift giving occasion or some such. Still, she ought to be good at poker. She favors Uno Attack. Sometimes avocations don't match skill sets or vice versa.

I, on the other hand, am a terrible liar. Last night I was "talking" with a semi-well-known blogger on gmail chat. We were discussing something I didn't want Honey to know about. Not because we were discussing anything untoward, I just didn't want her to know about it NOW.

"What are you talking about?"

Furtively glancing around, I couldn't think of anything smooth to say. For those of you with young children in your life, I looked a little like Swiper. Not smooth, not clever.

"Um, it's a secret."

Well, that was enough. The rest of the night, Honey kept guessing what the secret was. She then launched a morning e-mail attack on me and the semi-well-known blogger which was later expanded to include the semi-well-known blogger's partner.

She guessed everything from trip to a mall in Virginia to have pictures taken of us and them in Charlie's Angels poses to some large-scale involvement in food canning.

Honey does not know the secret and I'm going to do my best to not let her in on it, at least until it's time. And I'm trying not to channel Swiper. I'd like to be more like Emma Peel. She could keep a secret and look great doing it.

Share out in comments:

Are you more like Swiper or Emma Peel?


WordsRock said...

I am Emma Peel. Except I don't fill out that sexy black leather outfit anywhere near as well as she does.

I think I'd enjoy a rousing round or two of Uno Attack.

Suburban Emma

psychoselph said...
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KMae said...

Hi Sporks.
Came here from uhm... I forget.
Am in the middle of blog catching up!
Anyway, I think it is cool you have a surprise for your sweetheart!

Is it bigger than a breadbox???

I would be Ms. Emma, myself.

WenWhit said...

I don't know Swiper (not much Dora-watching here!) but I've decided Emma's hot enough to get my vote.

And Scout should practice patience!

Slangred said...

I'm more Emma Peel. I even own a pair of faux-leather, somewhat shiny black boots that a colleague has told me were "very Emma Peel" (while others said they were more "Catwoman"). So I can look the part from knee to toe-tips, if need be.
Bryduck is definitely Swiper. If I, for example, happen to mention a CD I've heard about and might at some point look into buying, he'll cave and say "I bought it for you already! It was gonna be a surprise!" Poor, sweet boy. :) Lucky me.

SassyFemme said...

I don't know who either of them are, but I'm pretty good at secrets when I have to be. I just feel incredibly guilty if I tell a lie to keep a secret.

scout said...

The best strategy to employ when trying to keep a secret from me is to resist the urge to announce you have a secret. Simple, that. Don't you think?

For instance, you're chatting with the semi-well-known blogger and I ask what you're chatting about: Just say, "Fantasy football," and I'll move along, none the wiser.

weese said...

I not only can keep a secret...but I also don't want to know them. so if you have a secret you are keeping from me... don't tell me - i don't want to know.

bryduck said...

My problem is not that I'm bad at secret-keeping, it's that I really don't like lying to my wife, or having my secrets (most of which have to do with gift giving and the like these days) ruined through other people's actions. I have a hard enough time coming up with fun or original or even wanted gifts for people!